This is the area covered by Halton Borough Council.

Litter Networks | Halton

There are currently 13 Litter Networks in Halton:

Appleton [Fb]Brookvale [Fb]Daresbury [Fb]
Ditton [Fb]Grange [Fb]Halton Lea [Fb]
Halton View [Fb]Moore [Fb]Runcorn Old Town [Fb]
Sandymoor [Fb]Sankey Canal [Fb]Wigg Island [Fb]
Windmill Hill Wood [Fb]--

Local Information

Please get in touch if you have suggestions for this page, or would like help starting a new Litter Network in your area!

Litter Picking Bag Collection
If you have not collected too much litter you can dispose of it in litter bins (without making them too full to be useful to others) or in your own household waste. Failing that you can leave your bags neatly and out of the way next to a public litter bin, and email Halton Borough Council’s “Neighbourhood Services Helpdesk” department with information on where you left the bags (What3Words or Google Maps location is ideal) and how many, and they should be able to collect them on their next round. You should really use one of their blue or orange bin bags (obtained from the same email address, though please do check whether your Litter Network has a local supply first) to denote that they have not been fly-tipped. Where possible please try to plan ahead and let the council know beforehand where you are planning to leave your bags, thus minimising time-to-collection.
Report fly tipping to Halton Borough Council.
This is well worth doing so they can spot patterns and take action. Be patient though – it can take up to 6 weeks for reports to be acted upon. Small amounts of fly-tipped items can be left with any bags you collect – just follow the “Litter Picking Bag Collection” instructions above to notify the council directly.
Local Recycling Centres
Can be used for many types of residential waste. It is useful to be aware that different centres have varying restrictions on what items they can take – so check before you go, and if one can’t accept your item, then have a look at the others.
Trolley Removal
You can use the TrolleyWise app to easily report abandoned trolleys when you come across them! You simply download the app, enter information including a photo (it will use your current location so make sure you are with the trolley). If they have a contract with the relevant supermarket (the app will show this) the organisation behind TrolleyWise will do the rest!

One known exception is Asda – a seperate organisation called TMX/Collex deal with their trolleys. This also has an app.

Collex (Asda)
Scrap Metal Merchants
Can often take away residential or fly-tipped metal items free of charge (though there can be a charge for fridges and freezers due to the nasty gases inside them which are more expensive to dispose of). (please let us know of any you would particularly recommend, and we’ll share the info here!)
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