As an individual, informal group or any organisation using Litter Networks communication resources, you agree to:

Enjoy yourself!
We want you to enjoy taking part, pace yourself, and feel free to have a break from taking part whenever needed!
Keep it positive, kind and courteous
You agree to keep posts and comments positive and constructive – volunteering should be enjoyable for all involved. 🙂
Observe the safety guidelines
You agree to observe the safety guidelines on
Take responsibility for your own safety
You agree to take responsibility for your own safety, and that of any minors or other vulnerable people who might be with you.

You understand that Litter Networks shall not be liable for any loss, damage, or injury of any kind, whether direct, indirect, consequential, or otherwise, resulting from any incident or occurrence in relation to your activities.
No posts displaying unsafe activities
You acknowledge that any posts showing unsafe activities will be removed, since we need to inspire others to also pick in a safe and sustainable way.
Keep it relevant
You agree to keep it relevant – no unrelated posts, spam or advertising.
Keep it local (where possible)
You agree that if picking outside the area covered by this group, where possible to try and find and post on the LN Facebook Group for that area – see for a full list of networks and other resources. Please contact us via if you’d like to have a LN started for a new area! 🙂
Respect the wider organisation
To not use the Litter Networks name or logo, or that of any individual Litter Network, without explicit permission from the Litter Networks Core Team – you can contact us via – we’ll often say yes, or failing that give a good reason why it’s a no!