Video Tutorial


This video provides a quick introduction explaining what a Litter Network is, and how one typically works. It also gives an overview of where our organisation called Litter Networks comes in.

The concept of a Litter Network was conceived on some key principles. Litter picking is a simple and very rewarding activity, and Litter Networks empower communities in such a way that getting kitted-out and coordinating activities themselves is just as simple and rewarding!

It is important to note that each Litter Network is just a community resource or tool – it is not a community group.   Individuals, households and community groups alike can all benefit from the existence of a local Litter Network!

So at it’s heart – a Litter Network’s role is to provide an easy to use communication and support framework for a community.  In collaboration with local organisations and ourselves at Litter Networks, it also ensures that everyone who wants to take part has all the kit they need, often for free!

Each Litter Network works principally as a Facebook group, which as we will see provides a trivial yet powerful means of sharing both information and praise for a job well done!

Network Leaders also have the option of being contactable by email – but this is not essential. We will now have a look at how a Litter Network group on Facebook is typically used!

So here we see one of two common types of post on a Litter Networks group.  This is a Sample Litter Alert.  Posted by anyone in the community, it simply and clearly states what the problem is, where it can be found, and if possible what it looks like!

The comments for that post can then be used to ask more questions, allow someone to say they plan to tackle it and perhaps ask if anyone would like to join them, or as per this example – say they have already dealt with it! 

Juicy stats such as how many bags were collected are always appreciated!

The other common type of post on a Litter Network group is a Litter Pick Report!  This is typically posted by someone who has done a self-motivated pick, whether an ad-hoc route, or one they have “adopted”. 

Again – juicy stats are great to see, as are pictures and even a map if they are really keen!  Whatever allows the rest of the community to see that this location has been cleaned – since this is also very useful information – and also of course allows them to give well-earned praise to the kind picker who posted!

A common supporting idea that Litter Networks often use is called Adopt a Route.  Here an interactive map can be created with suggested routes – and then shared with the community, offering them the opportunity to adopt a route from the map – for them to litter pick whenever they like!   They can then share their exploits on Facebook as already described!

Pick a Picker is the name we give simply to the provision of free kit.  It can be delivered to individual houses, collected from local shops, or even at a Pick a Picker organised event!  Whatever works.   We at Litter Networks are able to help you acquire kit – via a combination of deploying our existing funding, and helping you find and apply for local funding – so please do get in touch and we’d love to discuss options with you!

And this is really key to the role of the “Litter Networks” organisation its self.  Anyone can start a Litter Network – we are here to help solve problems and ensure that everyone in your Litter Network finds it super- easy and fun to join in, Be The Change, and Love Where They Live!

You can find out more about us on our website – which also has a complete list of all existing networks – and on our Facebook page!  Whether you are looking to start a new local Litter Network, or simply to join an existing one, we would love to hear from you and help you get going!