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Introducing 'Warrington Centre Litter Network' - your community-run resource for reporting and volunteering to clean up litter problems in our town centre!

Spotted a litter problem? Simply post on the 'Warrington Centre Litter Network' Facebook group with as much info as you can - ideally including a description of the problem and where to find it, perhaps photos, and a map / what3words location.

Cleaned up some litter? Simply comment on the post it was reported on, or if your own ad-hoc route (perhaps your daily exercise route?), then please do let us know via a new post (again on our Facebook group) the route / area you've cleaned so others know it may not need doing again for a while (or that it may need checking again soon!)

If you are interested in taking part we recommend a litter-picking kit (at least a picker / grabber, bin bags and strong gloves - safety first every time). Home Bargains, B&M and (online) Pickerz sell grabbers at a very reasonable price, or if you'd like pro-quality kit then (online) HH Environmental are industry-standard. It is worth asking whether any free kit is available also - which is periodically the case!

Safety Advice

All volunteers undertake litter picking at their own risk and neither the "Litter Networks" organisation nor the nominal leaders of the "Warrington Centre Litter Network" communication resource are in any way liable for any injury or illness that may be caused or triggered by related activities. You will find helpful and important safety information on our Knowledge - Safety Advice page.

District Info

Check out our Warrington info page for information about your wider area, which can include:

  • other Litter Networks in your district.
  • how to dispose of bags / get them taken away.
  • local recycling centres and scrap metal merchants.
  • how to report fly-tipping, abandoned trolleys, overgrown foliage.
  • local litter-picking groups.
  • local endorsements.
  • local press cuttings.

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Whether you are an individual, household or community group – we would love for you to join in our network!

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